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The Story of Cernunnos Farms....

Cernunnos Farms was founded in 2020, and born out of the need to provide a cleaner, and more environmental, candle selection to consumers.  Our founder saw that many consumers were unable to use the candles that made up the majority of the market.  There were a variety of reasons, asthma, multiple chemical sensitivities, allergies, and more, but they all led back to the same source, the chemical fragrances and other toxins in the candles.  To his surprise he found that this was not confined to paraffin wax candles which were widely accepted as producing possibly dangerous fumes, but also in candles made from soy, coconut, palm and all other highly processed candle waxes.  With many friends and relatives suffering from these same conditions, he set out to make a quality candle they could enjoy.


It was in researching about the various candle waxes and additives in the hopes of finding a solution, that we discovered just how prevalent the greenwashing is in the candle world.  It became very apparent that consumers were being intentionally misled into thinking that they were purchasing eco-friendly, natural, and sustainable products, when in fact that was far from the truth.  As we pulled back the curtain on these marketing falsehoods, we become more and more aware of how important it was to make a candle that really was natural.  That needed no processing or additives.  That could stand on it's own and produce high quality, long lasting, great smelling and simply beautiful candles all on it's own.  Beeswax became the clear, and only, choice if we were going to make a candle that not only cared for our friends and family, but the planet we all live on as well.


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