Primary Red Liquid Candle Dye

Our plant oil based liquid candle dyes are 100% sustainable, vegan friendly, and simply the safest and ecologically friendly dyes you can own. We have never offered any candle making supplies before, as we never felt that any were worthy of the Cernunnos Farms name. After years of searching, we finally found these fantastic dyes, made not only from plants, but also using no chemical based processes to extract the plant oils used in the manufacturing.

The easy use bottles the dye comes in are fantastic. We have used several types of supplied bottles in the past, but they always drip down the side, or make a mess around the tops that gets on your hands while opening and closing. These tops have a very easy and well controlled drip, to help make accurate measurements while also keeping mess practically non-existent!

Note: drops are a little smaller than average. Normally 100 drops = 5ml. These bottles are 130 drops for 5ml. More accurate, but it may seem like it is taking more drops than you think to get the color you like.

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